What We Do

Youth Programs

Trust, confidence, teamwork, and commitment are qualities each participant will acquire and build on during the full-day youth courses. Indoor and outdoor programs are available throughout the year. Each day long youth program begins with the students discussing what they are committed to getting out of the program. The rest of the morning is spent learning the climbing protocols, proper use of communication signals, knot tying, harness use, and belaying techniques. During the afternoon, the students test not only their new skills, but also their threshold for trust by attempting several simple top rope climbs. Throughout the day, safety and strong communication are central themes.

During multi-day programs: with a full day of success behind them, the students return with confidence to the site for a second day of climbing. After a review of safety and skills, the students are encouraged throughout the day to challenge themselves by climbing more difficult routes, encouraging their peers, and assisting with belaying. This exhausting day ends with a powerful group debrief of the students’ successes. This reflection reveals the power that this day of intense challenge brings to the lives of these youth. This program’s physical challenge combined with structured coaching leads to phenomenal breakthroughs in the youths’ perception of themselves and their place in society.

To schedule a program please contact:

Tom Willard
CFL Board President
(303) 908-8696